Red Heart Coir Society has 22 members. 20 of them are making mats 2 are making ropes.

Coconut Fibre based Industry were the traditional livelihood of these villagers. Majority of these villagers who lived along the coastal belt were extremely poor and what they earned daily was hardly sufficient to meet their daily expenses. Tsunami made their lives more and more miserable. Most of our members are Tsunami affected.


Coir fibers are found between the husk and the outer shell of a coconut. The fibrous husks are soaked in pits or in nets in a slow moving body of water to swell and soften the fibers. Then they crush the fibers into coir wool and from the wool they spin ropes. The ropes can be made by hand or on a spinning wheel.

Out of the ropes they make environment friendly mats in different sizes and designs.

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